Efraim Racker

Scientist and Artist | June 28, 1913 - September 9, 1991
Photo collage of Efraim Racker

List of albums

The 25 i have missed1945-1970 August 24
Different Wives of Different Husbands1962 April 26
The First Step Into (Hot) Water August 24, 1962 in memory of August 24, 1945 And Variations On An Old Theme And Invitation to a Cocktail Party1962 August 24
Armistice Scapes1964
Lovers From Different Periods (Second Enlarged Edition)1964 April 26
Memories From A Sanitarium1964 August 24
Old And New Kisses1965-1979 April 26
Of Professionals (P) and Amateurs (A)1966
Discussions1966 December 24
Autumn in Ithaca1967 December
For Ann 7 Morning Scapes to Wake Up With1967 October 11
April 26 19691969 April 26
Those Who Walk Alone (Second Enlarged Edition)1969 August 24
Variations on Windows1969 February 14
The Book Of Dreamers1971 April 26
Declarations of Love 1972a.1972
Declarations of Love 1972b.1972
An Album Like The Tree We Talked About It Grows On You1972 August 24
Mai Lied1972 December
Wanderers Nachtlied II1972 December
Artists1973 August 24
Numbers: One-Is Alone Two-Are Together Three or Four- In A Family Over Four- Is A Crowd1973 December
Torn Skies1974 April 26
Love In Lilliput1974 August 24
Great Expectations1974 December 24
Relatives and Other Complications1975 April 26
Silhouettes in the Sun1975 August 24
Psychi Sychiat Chiatric: Psychiatric Profiles1976 April 26
Gold Medal1976 August 24
Birds Behind Bars1976 December
Family of Heads1977 April 26
Dancers in the Sun1977 August 24
Fire and Ice R. Frost1977 December 24
The Wind by James Stephens1977 December 24
Lovers1978 April 26
Hair Styles1978 August 24
Variations on EFONE1979 August 24
Character Studies1979 December 24
Romantic Structures1980 April 26
Ten Cents Nashville Bargains1980 August 24
Forte and Piano1980 December 24
The Grandchild1981 April 26
35 Girlfriends (Of Friends of Mine)1981 August 24
Unfinished Drawings1981 August 24
Red Faces1981 December
Fish & Ships Sale On April 26 19821982 April 26
Full Moon On August 24, 821982 August 24
Inseparabilies, A Parabilies from Affi to Anzi1982 December 24
Umbrella Lovers1983 April 26-August 24
Ann's Magic Markers1984 April 26
Mac-Izzi 2nd Edition1984 December 24
Red Symbols1985 August 24
From Behind the Couch1985 December 24
Skies1986 August 24
Conversations During Conjugal Yoga1986 December 24
Adventures in Colors1987 August 24
Parents with Clown Children1988 April 26
Greetings from August 24 19881988 August 24
Lovers 88 Abstract Semiabstract Forever1988 December 24
10 Short Stories (Mostly Sad)1989 April 26
66 For Anzi1989 December 24
Surplus1990 August 24
December 24, 1968: Titles December 24 1978: Presentation December 24, 19901990 December 24
Memory Keeper1990 December 24
Retrospective I. Of Small Items 1951-19681991 April 26
"Just Married" to Whom?1991 August 24
Fruits: Some ripe some unripe some fallen some very very sweetundated
Loose Artworkundated
Mothers Childrenundated
Next Questionundated
Sunshine Treesundated
Those Who Walk Alone Togetherundated
Title Missingundated
Walking in the Sunundated